Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some confirmed partnerships and supports

"Musicalia" is a long-term project that is to be produced over the next few years. Centuries of Portuguese music, sinthesized in a 5-minute format, have plenty to chose from. Just like the many performers who are taking part, either Portuguese or living in Portugal, who are to be joined by several internationally prestiged musicians. They all have the drive to share Portuguese repertoires.
Almost everything is still to be done in order to build this skyscraper (of which only the basement floor - the pilot clip- is ready) but some crucial partnerships and supports have already been assured: public classical music radio RTP-Antena 2, national media partner and technical production partner; Rádio Europa Lisboa, local media partner and executive production partner; CCB - Centro Cultural de Belém, executive production partner; Belo de Morais & Associados, communication and promotion partner.
Several other entities who will be supporting "Musicalia" will be mentioned when that support is formalized.

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